What we do

We support medical device companies in their Global journey. Our global network of partners allows you to accelerate commercialization and strategic market positioning through our network with only ONE partner.


Support the entire launching and marketing process for new products. We acquire new sales channels for non performing products and services. Our long and extensive management experience matured within the medical device industry allows us to understand individual market dynamics, allocating the appropriate resources to maximize opportunities.

We help lifescience companies to market their technology in Europe, Middle East, Asia and USA and manages post launch requirements globally.

Wolfyr Italia

a distribution company specialized in Aestetic Medicine , Orthopedic and Bariatric technologies.


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Via Cantina della Pioppa, 5 - 41012 Carpi (Modena) - Italia
Tel. +39 059 875 4620 - Mail segreteria@wolfyr.com